Three examples of reorganisations made with Timeskipper

Are you interested in activity management software, but find it difficult to imagine what improvements such a tool could bring to your point of sale? Here are three real-life examples of reorganisations carried out within different retail models and shop types, thanks to the Timeskipper platform.   I/ A 4,250 m2 franchise hypermarket: 13% growth […]

How does Timeskipper support retail players in a turnaround situation?

Business turnaround refers to a set of practices aimed at reversing the trend of a situation that is not going well, with a view to revitalising the business and safeguarding jobs.
Recognised as THE solution for optimising the organisation of work in retail, the TimeSkipper platform is a major asset for supporting restructuring. This is particularly true when the risk of imminent bankruptcy requires an in-depth transformation of the organisation, work methods and consequently the allocation of resources. These situations have been particularly frequent over the last twenty months, with certain brands and formats suffering the full impact of the health crisis.
It is therefore quite natural that companies should turn to Timeskipper when they need to “do things quickly and well” in order to restore the fundamentals of their performance.