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Our ambition

To help managers and their teams boost performance and become more professional, using our activity management platform.

On the basis that 20 to 30% of working time in sales outlets is misused, TimeSkipper is essential for managing daily activities from start to finish, instantly identifying empty time slots that can be better filled.

Our solution aims to improve customer experience and service in a more cost-effective way. Sales outlets need to constantly adapt: variations in customer and product flows, setting up of new distribution channels, adaptation of market concepts. The ability to master external data, to understand and evaluate their impact regarding work organization on a daily basis is a key challenge in supporting sales outlets’ digital transformation and remaining competitive.

TimeSkipper is a French company created in 2011. Its retail experience has developed over the years, based on a complementarity of expertise and talents stemming from the retail sector, at the service of customers.


Geoffroy d'Argenlieu

Geoffroy d'Argenlieu

Founder and CEO

A serial entrepreneur at heart, Geoffroy has also held senior management positions in the retail industry as well as in the consulting sector (PwC, Deloitte). In addition to being in charge of key account sales development, Geoffroy defines Timeskipper vision and its product development.
Antoine Gibert

Antoine Gibert

Managing Director - Co-Founder

Antoine worked for 15 years as a Design and Development Engineer, and as a Project Manager (IBM, BNPP). He then directed the project and development teams of a software publisher before co-founding TimeSkipper in 2011. Antoine supervises TimeSkipper’s technical developments and monitors all IT aspects both at TimeSkipper and for our clients.
Pierre-Yves Blanchard

Pierre-Yves Blanchard

Managing Director - Partner

After 25 years with Auchan and Carrefour, Pierre-Yves is making the most of his operational and management experience at Carrefour Group by helping to develop the offer for key accounts and to supervise deployment with our clients.
Pierre Liobard

Pierre Liobard


Pierre has 17 years of experience in mass market retailing, acquired with Carrefour and Auchan in France and abroad, first in the HR department, then as a Hypermarket Director, and most recently as manager of European reorganization and optimization projects. At TimeSkipper, Pierre is in charge of operations and spearheads our international expansion.
Armand de Vallois

Armand de Vallois


A consultant for over 25 years, Armand has worked exclusively in the retail sector for the past 18 years. He has managed numerous transformation and operations optimisation projects in logistics and shop environments. Particularly sensitive to innovation, he has carried out numerous missions to digitalise commerce. Armand is directly involved in projects and is responsible for TimeSkipper’s commercial animation.

Our principles

  • Keep it simple, make it easy to learn
  • Know every detail of sales outlets’ daily activity and organization in order to adapt to the managers’ and employees’ needs.
  • Take advantage of the digital transformation and new technology to boost our platform and make it easy to use.

Our vision

  • The “Amazon effect” is not over yet; in order to survive, sales outlets and brands will need to reinvent themselves. This transformation will change the way work is organized, will require even more accurate monitoring. Sales outlets will need to become more flexible and plan their activities better in order to reallocate resources in real time. To support this momentum, it will be important to strengthen the employees’ self-sufficiency and develop teams’ versatility.
  • As a result, a “fully-digital” environment will become more widespread, aimed at better managing activity which is becoming increasingly mobile. Teams will have access to more accurate forecasting and simulation tools with an ability to integrate external data (weather forecasts, special events, trade fairs, strikes, etc.) in order to assess workloads, adapt priorities and offer optimized and fair allocation of tasks

Shareholders and governance

TimeSkipper has a number of well-known shareholders: successful entrepreneurs (unicorns), directors of major French companies as well as medium-sized businesses.
Our Strategy Committee relies on their expertise to boost TimeSkipper’s development.

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