Optimize and Manage
your team’s workload

Our solution helps the management to improve store’s performances:
How does it work? It’s easy!

Step 1: identify your team's organisational model and types of activity and tasks

Employees assigned to specific activities or sharing certain tasks?

The individual calculation method is the most suitable.
TimeSkipper calculates the workload for each individual. It then divides it up and optimises it, taking into account your priorities and everyone’s availability.

Multi-skilled employees?

The team calculation method is the most suitable.
TimeSkipper calculates the workload at team level. It then distributes it to the employees, optimising it according to your priorities and everyone’s availability.

This method is often best suited to small teams (under 15 people).

Step 2: daily manage your team in 4 stages

3 weeks forecast

Thanks to our workload forecasting tool based on our algorithms (AI/machine learning), you can find out how many hours you need per day and adjust your working hours accordingly.

3 weeks forecast
Management on D-1

On D-1, your tool takes into account your actual flows (number of packages to be received, number of rolls to be made, number of orders, etc.) and harmonises your workload accordingly.

Management on D-1
Management on D-day

Votre outil permet de s’adapter aux aléas inhérents à l’activité (absence de dernière minute, retard de livraison,…). Il vous propose donc un planning ajusté et au plus près de la réalité quotidienne. Votre manager peut ainsi faire face aux imprévus avec sérénité

Management on D-day

By recording actual workload schedules on a daily basis, the reports enable managers and shop directors to make decisions on the organisation of team work and the reallocation of misused hours.


Cope serenely with day-to-day variations in activity

A solution designed by and for our customers

Designed for Retail

A tool created specifically for the retail industry, providing solutions for all of the organizational challenges faced by points of sale.

Modeling of all types of activity

TimeSkipper is aware that each work organisation is unique, and its settings allow it to be adapted to suit.

Personal assistance

TimeSkipper ne vous propose pas uniquement un outil. Il vous propose un véritable accompagnement personnalisé pour résoudre vos problématiques opérationnelles.

Evolutive features

TimeSkipper adapts to its customers’ needs and regularly innovates with new features.

Designed for SaaS

No software to install, our solution can be accessed directly via a search engine


TimeSkipper is intuitive and easy to use. Everything is designed to help you get started quickly.

To find out more about how our solution works, read our white paper 20 to 30%.