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Make each
working hour
in store worthwhile

20 to 30% of working hours are misused in store. With TimeSkipper, get +50% of this time back in less than 6 months.

TimeSkipper is the unique in-store workload management platform that helps all retailers (grocery and speciality), small and large, to make every working hour worthwhile.

A goal?

Your performance

Improve the in-store customer experience:

With TimeSkipper, ensures that all tasks are carried out at the right time by the right employee to better welcome and advise customers.

Create a management dynamic:

With TimeSkipper you have employees who feel recognised and valued, who know exactly what is expected of them and who benefit from a good working environment where mutual support, fairness and serenity are encouraged.

Boost your business profitability:

With TimeSkipper you can phase out misused hours and/or reinvest them in tasks with more added value for your customers.

A complementary workforce management tool

Our tool obtains the timetable hours from the workforce management tools container. It subsequently computes the workload using predictive data such as customer flow and number of orders, as well as real-time data such as the number of packages and employees available. Finally, it contrasts this information with the employee’s scheduled working hours.

Making the voice of operational management and employees heard

The manager plays a vital role in creating an engaging work environment, establishing performance benchmarks, and, most importantly, ensuring fairness, assistance, openness, and independence. As the primary motivator and enabler of the team’s daily operations, the manager possesses the ability to resolve the retail industry’s current issues. TimeSkipper serves as the tool to aid the manager in accomplishing this objective.

of managerial tasks do not have enough time to be effectively completed
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of collaborators think
tasks are unfairly
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But by the way, do you know where your misused hours are?

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