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Our values

Our close-knit team is made up of highly experienced experts who have successfully passed on their know-how to more junior profiles.

Our corporate culture is based on freedom of speech and initiative, with management based on trust and a high level of commitment from every member of staff.

Each recruit is given the opportunity to take on responsibilities quickly, to put forward new ideas and to implement them.

TimeSkippers' portraits

A multi-talented entrepreneur at heart, Geoffroy has also held general management positions in the retail sector and in consultancy (PwC, Deloitte). As well as developing sales with key accounts, Geoffroy is responsible for defining TimeSkipper's vision and product developments.

Geoffroy d'Argenlieu

President Founder

He has 15 years' experience as a design and development engineer and project manager (IBM, BNPP). He then managed the project and development teams of a software publisher. He co-founded TimeSkipper in 2011. Antoine oversees TimeSkipper's technical developments and manages all aspects of IT for TimeSkipper and our customers.

Antoine Gibert

Managing Director - Co-Founder

After 25 years with Auchan and Carrefour, he is using his operational and management experience of the Carrefour Group organisation to help develop the offering for key accounts and supervise its implementation for our customers.

Pierre-Yves Blanchard

Managing Director - Partner

Pierre has 17 years' experience in the retail sector, acquired in France and abroad with Carrefour and Auchan, first in HR, then as Hyper Director and finally as head of European reorganisation and optimisation projects. Pierre is in charge of operations and is leading TimeSkipper's international expansion.

Pierre Liobard


A consultant for over 25 years, Armand has worked exclusively for the retail sector for the past 18 years. He has managed numerous projects to transform and optimise operations in logistics and shop environments. Particularly sensitive to innovation, he has been involved in a number of retail digitalisation projects. Armand works directly on projects and is responsible for TimeSkipper's sales and marketing activities.

Armand de Vallois


After many years in finance and consulting, Laurent brings his skills to the development of Timeskipper's partner network. He also assists the company in managing certain internal functions (finance, HR, etc.).

Laurent Viellard


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